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Name:Yay for Queers
Website:Yay for Queers
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For users of the IRC channel #yayforqueers to share information regarding the actual channel.
This community is for users of the IRC channel #yayforqueers on to share information regarding the actual channel, including any technical issues you may be having with it, the members and any events that have happened there. Feel free to introduce yourself and give your contact information here; one of the reasons for this community was that lots of users have journals and this is a good way to match up the two.

Yay for Queers is a support group for new Trans folks. If you're looking for support, information, community, people to just talk to in real time, this is the place to be. (Please note that none of us is any kind of therapist; we're here as helpful friends, not proper counsellors.) We use the word Queers so as to be more inclusive of people who are questioning, and our friends/family/partners/allies. All respectful people are welcome in the channel.

Details on how to join the channel are available at Yay for Queers.


The channel and this community is a virtual safe space. Bashing, insults or offensive comments of any kind will not be tolerated. You will be warned to stop and if you continue after being warned, you will be kicked out and banned from the channel/community. We operate a three-strike system: 1) warning; 2) kick out of the channel/community with another warning; 3) kick out and ban. This is not a joke; it will be done. We deal with enough crap offline; Yay for Queers is a respectful place and this will be strongly enforced.

1) Asking someone's demographic information (age, sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, etc.) is not allowed unless it is relevant to what you're actually discussing with the person. Idle curiosity is not a good enough reason to ask, because some people find that information quite personal (yes, including age). Asking for someone's general location is okay, because that way we can advise on resources and/or connect with others in the channel who are also in that area. Asking for someone's preferred pronouns is encouraged, because sooner or later you will use pronouns and it is better to ask than to assume.

2) No personal attacks on anyone.

3) Please speak from your own experiences and avoid speaking for others.

4) Constructive criticism of something that someone else says is fine; flat-out insulting someone is not.

5) Transphobia of any kind will not be tolerated here, nor will prejudice against any generalised group of people (i.e. homophobia/heterosexism, ageism, racism, classism, sexism, nationality-ism, etc.)

6.) Do not change the size, colour or background of your text - backgrounds should be white and text should be black. Using other colours makes your text more difficult to read and does not make anyone more likely to read it. Similarly, bold, italic, and underline are used to add emphasis to specific bits of text; do not use any of them on a whole sentence or paragraph. This defeats their purpose and has the same effect as changing the background or text colour/size. Posts which violate this rule will be given 24 hours to edit their post, after which time it will be removed.

7) Not everyone in the channel/community is American or lives in the US or has ever been to the US; not everyone's first language is English. Please be conscious of the fact that this is an international chat space with people from different cultures.

8) Links to sites, pics, etc. that are sexually explicit and/or not work safe should be indicated as such (i.e., saying, '[link] - NOT WORK SAFE!').

9) Please be respectful of others and act accordingly. Any kind of discussion that is triggering should not be discussed in the main channel. Take it to a private chat or another channel. Although we love hugs and don't mind the occasional snog, anything further is not nice so take it somewhere private.

NB Additional rule for this community:
Please don't pimp other communities in here, it's not what this community is for and there are plenty of other places for that. Advertising is acceptable but only if it's directly relevant to the channel or the users. If it can be posted in 101 other places, then it's not.

By joining this community and the channel, you are indicating your acceptance of these rules and agree to abide by them.

Moderated by the Two-Headed God ([personal profile] ganimede and [personal profile] ftmichael).

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